Welcome to the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
Master Plan Update Website!

The County of St. Clair, owner and operator of MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (BLV), through its Public Building Commission, would like to welcome you to the BLV Airport Master Plan website.  This website provides information about the Airport Master Plan. The site will also explain the parts of a Master Plan and outlines FAA guidance used in its preparation.

An Airport Master Plan is a series of reports and planning documents that are created to define future development actions at an airport.  An Airport Master Plan is also a communication instrument between all airport stakeholders, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT); Scott Air Force Base; Allegiant Airlines; Illinois State Police; local communities of Belleville, Mascoutah, Shiloh, O’Fallon, and Lebanon; airport users Boeing, North Bay Produce, AVMATS, etc. and most importantly the Public.

A rule of thumb for airports is to conduct a new Airport Master Plan every 5-10 years, unless a change in aeronautical activities necessitate a new planning review.  The last Airport Master Plan was approved by the FAA in 2009.  However, recently MidAmerica St. Louis Airport has seen dramatic growth in air passengers.  Based on this recent aeronautical growth, conducting a new Airport Master Plan at this time is a prudent action.

Passenger growth at BLV has been dramatic over the past five years and has necessitated the master planning review. Enplanements (passengers departing on commercial airlines at BLV) and Total passengers (enplanements plus passengers arriving at BLV) are depicted in the table below.

2015 32,589 65,178 N/A
2016 79,988 159,976 145.44%
2017 123,841 247,682 54.82%
2018 152,278 304,556 22.96%
2019* 152,964 305,928 0.45%
2020^ 197,000 394,000 28.79%

SOURCE: FAA/Airport. *Draft FAA Numbers. ^Airport Projections Based on Airline Schedules

The Airport Master Plan is reviewing all facets of the airfield: Air Passenger Terminal, Access Roads, Auto/Truck parking facilities; Air Cargo needs; General Aviation needs; runway and taxiway requirements; upgrading of airport navigational aids; land use options; Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting facilities; fuel farm; Snow Removal Equipment Building and Maintenance facilities. As chapters are prepared and accepted, they will be uploaded to this site.