Welcome to the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
Master Plan Update Website!

The County of St. Clair, owner and operator of MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (BLV), through its Public Building Commission, would like to welcome you to the BLV Airport Master Plan website.  The Airport has begun the process of preparing an update to the existing Airport Master Plan.  Since the acceptance of the last Master Plan several new exciting events have happened at BLV.  This website will help you find up to date information about the Airport Master Plan and the schedule of future public coordination meetings.  The site will also explain the parts of a Master Plan and outline the FAA guidance used in its preparation.

These are great times for MidAmerica St. Louis Airport. In the past four years, total annual enplaned air passengers (people boarding the plane) at BLV have increased from 32,589 in 2015 to 79,988 in 2016 to 123,841 in 2017 to 152,099 (draft) in 2018.

* Passengers boarding and deplaning

The Airport Master Plan is focusing on landside area needs with an emphasis on the Air Passenger Terminal’s capacity and supporting public access roadways.  The Passenger Terminal Building was originally designed and opened prior to September 11, 2001.  The master plan will define modern design efficiencies to reduce normal day to day costs for the Airport.  The planning update will also consider additional options to provide passenger amenities and help create new revenue possibilities for the County.  The airside of the airport, runway, taxiways, obstructions and navigational aids are in good shape.

The Airport Master Plan will review and suggest options for future Air Cargo and General Aviation/Corporate Aviation assets.  Support facilities such at the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities, Fuel Farm, Airport Maintenance Facility and other airport facilities will be reviewed.

You too can be an airport planner.  Use the links the Airports use.  Keep up to date on the direct numbers from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  Statistics are updated regularly.