Existing Conditions / Inventory Chapter

The Existing Conditions / Inventory Chapter is a review of the present physical facilities and activities at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport. Exhibits and documents contained in FAA databases along with information on file with the Airport are used in the preparation of this chapter. The data contained herein will be supplemented with field observations, personal interviews with airport staff, airport users and tenants.

A discussion with be included in this chapter that addresses items such as:

  • Airfield and Airspace
  • Commercial Passenger Terminal Facilities
  • General Aviation Facilities
  • Cargo Facilities
  • Support Facilities (i.e. ATCT, ARFF)
  • Access, Circulation and Parking
  • Utilities

This Chapter will also examine the Airport’ Regional Setting and Land Use; conduct a brief environmental overview (greater analysis will be conducted later in the plan); develop socioeconomic data; review historical aviation activity; and review past Transportation Improvement Program requests.